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Trillium College’s Peterborough campus is one of the most distinguished diploma schools in Ontario. At the Peterborough Campus, students will begin advancing their careers with our academic programs in healthcare, social sciences, business and technology. Most of the diploma programs at the Peterborough Campus may be completed within one year, and each of our diploma programs have been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

At Trillium College, we equip you with the most relevent and in-demand  skills requested by today's employers. With our comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training and experienced and knowledgeable instructors, we’ll get you trained and job-ready sooner than you thought possible! Contact us today to find out just how quickly you can get the education you need to start a new and fulfilling new career, and embark upon a more prosperous and independent future!

Financial Services: Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for your education? Don’t worry! At Trillium College, our Student Finance Coordinators and Financial Aid Officers are available to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process of selecting and applying for the right financial assistance plan. Our Student Finance Team will help you determine which financial assistance plans you qualify for and which best suit your needs. There are many different funding options available: some of these are listed below. Contact us today to get more information, or to book an appointment with our Finance Team!

Career Services: Trillium College offers free lifelong Career Services to all career school and technical institute students and alumni. Career Services offer high quality in-person and online employment services for students and alumni.

Our Career Services offer support with resume development, assistance with job searching, interview preparation, support with Career Training and Development and access to online services.

ontact us today for more information. Find out for yourself how Trillium College will help prepare you for an exciting new career!

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