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Intra Oral Dental Assisting 1 and 2

Trillium College has among the finest dental assistant programs in Canada. In the Intra Oral 1 and 2 program, students will discover a course that is both challenging and comprehensive. The course is a combination of hands-on and theoretical training in operative dentistry, lab procedures, and dental radiology, as well as other related duties. In addition, the program examines anatomy, biology, nutrition, microbiology, pharmacology and oral pathology. Education in dental office procedures, basic computer applications, bookkeeping, and appointment scheduling complete the classroom training, followed by required clinical experience in a dental setting.

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Employment Opportunities: As a graduate of Trillium College’s Intra Oral 1 and 2 program, you’ll be able to apply for positions in general or specialized dentistry. Your diploma can also lead to positions in dental sales, dental distribution and manufacturing, or within dental-related departments of hospitals, laboratories, and public health departments.

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