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In only 40 weeks, Trillium College can prepare you for a career as a professional hairstylist! Our program makes it possible for you to apply your imagination and natural flair for hair to an exciting, creative career. Take advantage of the ever-growing need for trained hairstyling professionals, all while doing something you love!

Our 1500-hour Cosmetology program gives you all the tools you need to get the career you’ve always wanted.  The combination of practical skills training, proven curriculum and a strong foundation in salon operations will get your career started on the right path.

Our instructors are experienced, proven industry leaders who are there to ensure that you graduate with the highest-quality training in the industry’s current trends and techniques.

The program includes theory and practical training in Health & Safety, Operating a Salon, Cutting & Styling techniques, Permanent Wave & Permanent Relaxing, Colouring & Hair Lightening, and Hair & Scalp Treatment.

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